What Is The Average Amount Of Homework In High School And How To Deal With It?

The amount of homework you receive as a student will often depend on various factors such as how many subjects you have and how much work is contained in each subject. Your school and the teachers will also play a part in determining how important homework is. But no matter how much work you are receiving, there are ways you can deal with it effectively on a daily basis. Let’s see how.

Your subjects

Obviously different subjects possess different workloads. The amount of time that goes into understanding a math problem is way more than memorizing some history info. On average, a high school student has about 6 – 8 different subjects, each one demanding an individual amount of attention.

Your teachers

Some of your teachers are easy going, while others seem to be slave drivers. But don’t look at the amount of homework you receive as a direct indication of your teachers’ respective personalities. Many teachers have good reason for giving out homework. It could be because they know how difficult it can be to grasp a concept, or perhaps they recognize how effective repetition is in remembering something for an upcoming exam.

Dividing your work

Now let’s look at how you can better manage your homework. The first thing to do is to divide your work into the number of subjects for that particular day. If you have received work that needs to be done within a week, remember to divide that up into manageable sections within the days leading up to the deadline.

Preparing your work

Once you have your sections ready, make a small note beside each section in your diary. This note should serve to prepare you for the task when you come to it. You can remind yourself where to find information on a certain topic, or simply write the amount of time you want to dedicate to each section. Note anything that is pertinent to the task that’ll make it easier to do later on.

Prioritizing your work

Make sure you complete the most important tasks first. If there are tasks of equal importance, do the most difficult ones first and leave the easier ones for later. Your mind should be fresh when starting the most important tasks so that you do well in them. The work you don’t usually struggle with can wait till later as it won’t take you too long to complete.

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