Where To Look For A Good FFT Homework Sample

Those that know what FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) means; knows also that FFT can be really hard to find a good example or sample of as well. You would also know that in science the FFT signals are measured by sampling them; but who is keeping score any ways. The most important matter is that as a student; you need good samples for making your own conclusions with FFT. When looking for a good sample you must keep in mind that the resulting collection of data taken is a discretized representation of the beginning constant signal.

FFT Homework Sample

Now the biggest sample you can find are the ones from the notes you took in class; but if you copy that to the tee the professor is going to look at you funny; so it’s a good guideline for building your own homework sample but listed here is some other resources worth looking into:

  • Matlab forums; there are a lot of questions and great detailed answers here as well
  • gribble lab
  • The college of Berkeley’s site is really good; college sites are good jump off point
  • Stackoverflow they have some greatly details samples; sure to get you started in the right direction
  • chegg; odd name but good samples, just not as much detail
  • spinlab
  • Good Homework is another good location; and not just for FFT sample help either
  • Physics forums; personally one of the best locations to get good FFT homework samples
  • The Engineering page on the Purdue college page; college sites are awesome after all if not just a bit disorienting if you are not sure what you’re looking for
  • Project Rhea under the ECE 301 Fall 2007 mboutin DT Fourier Series in Matlab
  • Addictive Tips; though hopefully their tips are that addictive because for your homework to be good it has to be in your own hand
  • PTC Community: template for FFT
  • The Study Guide on FFT at Colostate
  • Signal Processing and Speech Communication Laboratory
  • Signal homework at Slideshare; a very helpful outlet here as well

Professor’s appreciate a good solid homework assignment after all it helps you make the grade and prepare yourself for bigger and better things later. Hopefully with these homework samples to help you; you can achieve the best grade and keep a good GPA. We all know that in college GPA is everything after all.

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