A Tried and Tested Strategy for Tackling Geography Homework

No matter what your personal opinion of the effectiveness of homework assignments, there is no way of escaping it. Geography is one particular subject that often gives students headaches. So we’ve developed this tried and tested strategy for tackling the most difficult assignments in this area of study:

Keep an Assignment Notebook

Purchase a notebook and dedicate it to keeping track of all geography related assignments, notes, and due dates. This will help stay organized throughout the semester and should prevent you from missing important tasks that can make completing your work difficult if not done correctly.

Don’t Do More than Assigned

A lot of students fall behind with their homework assignments because they often do more than they are supposed to complete. If you are given a five page paper that requires you to summarize content from a book, don’t spend valuable time and energy reading any more than you have to or writing more than the minimum requirement.

Start with the Hardest Tasks First

You may be dreading to get started with the more difficult tasks, but doing those first is a great way of building momentum and getting motivated towards completing your assignment faster. Check of your tasks as you go so that you can become enthusiastic with your accomplishments.

Review Class Notes before Starting

A lot people who struggle with geography assignments tend to do so because they jump right into the work without first reviewing the content they have from class. You’ll have an easier time completing your work if you spend a few minutes reading your notes and turning on the part of the brain that knows it’s time to get started.

Schedule and Allot Time for Tasks

Have a look at your assignment and break it up into a series of smaller and manageable tasks. Estimate the amount of time it should take for you to complete each one and do your best to stick within this timeline. If you fall behind schedule you can make some adjustments as you go, but the most important thing is that you keep moving.

Schedule and Take Short Breaks

You are bound to lose focus at several points throughout the evening. This is perfectly natural and happens to even to the most advanced and experienced students. Go ahead and reward yourself every hour by scheduling and taking breaks. This mental rest will help you return to your work reenergized and more focused.

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