A Quick Overview Of Homework Disadvantages And Advantages

For so many years the discussion as to whether homework should be allowed or banned has gone on over and over again. This is a question that has had lots of students struggling while others apparently have an easier time. Assignments are part and parcel of the learning process, and there is not much that can be done about that. However, one thing that you have to realize is that assignments are not supposed to make life harder. They are supposed to ease the learning process, act as a supplement for what is done in class.


  • Remind students of what is learned in class
  • The work that you take home from your class is supposed to make your learning experience easier and better because it reminds you of what you did in class. This way you will not have a difficult time remembering what needs to be done.

  • Help with revision
  • Through the assignments that you work on, it is also supposed to be easier for you to revise the work that you have been doing. In so doing, you will have a really easy time with the school work.

  • Keep students alert
  • These take away tasks are also supposed to help you stay alert. Over time, the more you do them, the easier it will be for you to stay alert


  • Spend too much time
  • When students spend too much time working on these assignments, one of the biggest problems that they have is that they take too much time on them to the point where they get lost in their work and have nothing to show for it.

  • Exhaustion sets in
  • Of course with too much work to do, it is only a matter of time before the student gets exhausted and has to struggle with fatigue from working too much.

  • Stress from too much work
  • When you are putting in too much effort to pass some of these assignments, one of the biggest challenges that you will face is the fact that you become stressed out. Even while you are supposed to make this one of the best learning experiences of your life so far, it will still be necessary for you to make sure that you do not put yourself under too much stress.

The jury is still out on the concept of assignments, but ideally, this is supposed to make the learning process easier, not make things difficult.

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