Developing Good Homework Habits For Middle School

It’s important to develop good homework habits for young people at the beginning of middle school it helps them to prepare better for school especially prior to exams and they will achieve better academically at school and in their future. This is the time when good study habits will remain and develop continuing through their future study and also preparing them for their working life.

Tips for developing good habits

  • Set regular study times, days that fit in with the family schedule
  • Remove distractions this includes television, internet or phones, noise or anything that distracts them from studying
  • Keep a record, diary is good method or an academic Calendar
  • Time management, select a time in the day where there are no chores or activities that will stop them from studying, make an hour or two free
  • Organize prior to tests, ensure that the study is used to prepare for exams
  • Take notes, on what they are doing so you have something to refer back to the time and date, and you know what they are meant to be studying about
  • Have a quiet corner or space whether it be the kitchen table or in a small room or office ensure it is free from open distractions
  • Routine is important so make it the same day or time so that you develop a routine and study schedule
  • Teach them to be on time and punctual when organizing their day, so they develop structure and routine on a daily basis
  • Use a homework timer, that allows to set time to spend a little time on an assignment and sometimes for preparing for an exam
  • Taking notes during matches class is an effective tool whether it be kept in a book or diary so you can refer back to what you did earlier in the day
  • Learn about different learning styles, what works for one person may not be as effective for another understanding this is important so that you are getting the positive benefits
  • Be organized, color coding is good and helps to file where each subject is, instead of being cluttered and having trouble finding what you need when you need it
  • Ensuring you get adequate sleep and a healthy diet is important for concentration and managing stress
  • Allow time for recreation and sports, so there’s no overloading of too much study

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