A Quick Guide To The Benefits Of Homework In Primary School

As a student myself, I understand how hard it is to do homework. After a long day at school you come home, take your school closes off, and not have to worry about school until tomorrow. Studies are the last thing on a student’s mind, and parents and experts feel the school work is not necessary and cut into family time. Is homework necessary? Are there any benefits to it? Does it really help the student? These are just a few questions people have about the topic. While the debate whether it is beneficial continues, here are the benefits of doing homework in primary schools.

  • Students are learning time management.
  • It teaches them about priorities.
  • For teachers, it helps them see who understand the lesson and if the lesson is being taught well.
  • Students gain problem-solving skills.
  • Helps students remember the lesson.
  • Parents can see what their child or their children are learning in school.
  • It teaches students responsibility not only in school, but in life itself.
  • It teaches students how to work by themselves or with friends.
  • Students are learning the importance of planning, staying organized, and taking charge of one’s actions.
  • School work teaches students that there are some things you have to do even if you don’t want to do it.
  • Teaches students life lessons that they will use as an adult.

It is proven school and homework do help students, but the never ending debate about hoe effectively or if it helps at all will continue. In this day of age, parents are fighting for their kid’s attention. With things like Facebook, Twitter, video games, and peers, parents are finding it harder to relate and communicate with their kids. Parents are using homework time as a way to not only help their kids, but to spend time with them. Those few minutes or hours are the only time parents have with their kids. It’s very sad that not all parents get to spend time with their kids, but it’s the world we live in. Doing school work at home is not just about doing the work. For some, it's family time. For others, it’s the only time they get to spend with their child. As the debate continues, take this time to think about it yourself, and come up with your conclusion. Homework will stay in the education system, but will it be replaced by something better or worse?

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