5 Useful Tricks for Dealing with Trigonometry Homework Problems

If you are taking trigonometry, you know what tangent, cosine, sine, and all kind of other math words mean. Trig is a difficult class. The name trigonometry goes back to the Ancient Greek. It actually translates to two words: triangle and measure. It is the study of measurement and calculation and how those tools, using sin, cos, and tan, apply to triangles. This math field is particularly concerned with the right triangle.

Use these tips when you prepare to sit down and to complete your math homework problems:


  • Know your triangles-you will work with theme very single day. They are:
    • Right
    • Equilateral
    • Isosceles
    • Scalene
    • Obtuse
  • Know how to draw an arc and when to draw an arc-make sure you now how to arc and when to arc. This is essential to your success. If you do not know how to do it, then learn how quickly.
  • Know what adjacent and hypotenuse mean-know what adjacent ad hypotenuse mean. You will be closer to success if you do. And if you do not, then learn quickly.
  • Seek a tutor-if you struggle in the subject or you want personal guidance, you may want to get a tutor. You cannot ever get behind in this subject. A tutor can see you one day a week, or seven days a week. You will pay about $40.00 a session. If you buy sessions in bulk, you may be able to get a discount. You will be locked into a set time and skipping sessions are frowned upon. In fact, if you skip without notice, the tutor will still charge you.
  • Go for extra help and join a peer group –if having a tutor is beyond your financial means, you can always go to extra help teacher sessions. Do not skip a session. In addition to this, you may want to create a peer homework help group or join one that all ready exists on your campus.

As you work your way through this class, feel free to use our tips. It is a difficult class. You need to know all of your triangles, know what an arc is and when to use it, know all about the terms adjacent and hypotenuse, seek a tutor if you are struggling, and then go for extra help or join a campus peer group.

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